About Us

The Heart Of Hazelwood was founded in 2020 by Cynthia Boomhower.

She blended her passion of photography and design to bring woodsy and comfortable products to you, your camping buddies, and people alike. While we were hard at work creating our apparel and accessories, we found a new outlet for creativity and brought to life "A Locals Guide"!

Now sold as our top product we provide an in depth view of locations across Ontario. Our very first book was published July 18, 2021 and we are now offering the second edition of A Locals Guide To Prince Edward County in May 2023.

Stay tuned to see where our next guide will be based on!

The driving forces for our brand are adventure, discovery, and freedom. Originally, a heavy inspiration for our designs came from our love for Algonquin Provincial Park and the local conservations throughout Ontario. 

With your support, The Heart Of Hazelwood is given the opportunity to showcase our beautiful province and the hardworking businesses that make it the enjoyable place it is today!

Our goal is to inspire you to get out and explore our beautiful country with us.