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Bancroft, Ontario

Cordova Mines

Today I am writing from my home in quarantine. What a weird situation that is, right? I am so used to going out, almost daily, and finding new parks to explore, but since this pandemic has been spreading we are advised to self-isolate. I’m not one to argue about health so here I am, at… READ MORE

Puzzle Lake Provincial Park – Tamworth

Well, I have been very behind on my posts but seeing as tick season is arriving I think this is the perfect park to talk about! Before arriving I had contemplated going here for months. With very few post on social media and no word of mouth I thought this park was quite intriguing! I’ve… READ MORE

Whiskey Rapids – Algonquin Provincial Park

This is a short, but great trail in Algonquin. It is one that makes me wonder why I haven’t went back when I think about it, the forest is so quiet but you can feel nature’s energy all around you. When we arrived at the parking area an odd looking tree caught our eye, as… READ MORE